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    About Microelectronics
          As an internationally renowned semiconductor products and solutions providers, over the years, the Hong Kong Kepan Semiconductor has been focused on semiconductor product development and manufacturing, integrated circuits and electronic discrete devices based industries, from chip development to product packaging, testing, Semiconductor with its strong R & D investment and scientific research strength, the rapid growth of the industry's outstanding semiconductor companies, is recognized as the most innovative semiconductor industry, one of the companies.
              KOF Semiconductor is one of the most comprehensive products and solutions provider in the industry. At present, Hong Kong Kepan semiconductor products more than 50 kinds of packages and more than 5,000 kinds of models. The main products: rectifier diodes, fast recovery rectifier, ultra - fast recovery, Schottky diodes, Zener diodes, transient voltage suppression, bridge rectifier, ESD protection, General Transistor, switching transistor, transistors.
          Hong Kong Kepan semiconductor in mainland China has a sound marketing system, stable supply channels and a wealth of product inventory, business offices around the timely response to customer needs and provide efficient service support.
          Always adhering to the "science and technology to create a model, with genuine core to do genuine" service concept, the Hong Kong Kepan semiconductor has been committed to providing customers around the world with high quality, high efficiency, high reliability products

    Rectifier bridge
    Battery protection IC
    Regulator circuit
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    • Address: Room 3A-9, 12 / F, Kai Chung Center, 18 Sai Ying Pun Street, Hong Kong
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